Best Time To Visit South America And Antarctica

The early season is actually considered the best, which is between november and december. February is the best time to see whales in antarctica.

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Since that’s the time of year that antarctica is warming up, that also means that it’s the time of year of the wildlife starts to get more active.


Best time to visit south america and antarctica. Those who travel towards the beginning of the month will be treading on fresh snow with the vast expanse of antarctica stretching out in front of you. Yet, surprisingly, it also never gets overly cold. Best time to visit antarctica.

Prices are cheaper at the beginning and end of the season, but there is less to see in the way of wildlife. So if you like whale watching, this is your month. You can only visit the area during the antarctic summer, from november to march.

This is also the calmest time of year to take on the infamous drake. Temperatures range between 4°c and 8°c. Weather wise, temperatures are beginning to drop as the season starts to change.

We're often asked about the best time to cross the drake passage, the notoriously bumpy stretch of water that lies between south america and the antarctic peninsula, but in truth you can experience bad weather and rough seas at any time of're better off basing your decision on the wildlife you want to see, the area of antarctica you want to visit and how much money you want to spend. However, you are likely to see fewer penguins as many will have already returned out to sea. This time period is relatively short and runs from late october through to march.

It’s during that time of year that the temperatures start to rise and the days start to get longer. Late summer in antarctica, february and early march, is the best time to spot whales. The days are their longest, the temperatures are the warmest and there are rarely sea ice issues preventing you from getting in anywhere.

Best time to visit antarctica. Penguins engage in courtship and baby seals are beginning to be born. But within this period, each month has its own charms, including penguin chicks, vast iceberg sculptures, rowdy.

These are the summer months in the southern hemisphere, with temperatures in antarctica ranging from 39°f to 46°f. November is when antarctica is practically untouched; Antarctica’s favourite residents start returning, too;

Depending on the time that you decide to visit, you'll see changing ice landscapes and polar wildlife. Because of the unforgiving landscape and climate, the best time to visit antarctica is during summer when cruises operate. These islands have wide varieties of flora for you to witness, and if you are into exploring those, you would need to decide your season to visit antarctica accordingly.

It’s the best time to visit antarctica for predictable whale watching, penguin chick activity ashore, and the shorter days lend themselves to excellent sunrises and sunsets punctuated by those whale tails. My personal opinion is that you should try and book a cruise with an itinerary that crosses the polar circle to get the full antarctica experience. The wettest months are march and april.

Photographers wanting to capture classic images of pristine antarctic ice will get their best shots in november, and at this time, penguins start to come. This is the only time when an expedition cruise there is possible. With quito’s 2,800m altitude in the andes, it is never hot;

The best time to visit antarctica on an expedition cruise is between late october and late march — indeed, this is the only time when such travel is possible. December and january are the most popular months to visit for many reasons. December is when the tourist season begins, and this can be the best time to visit antarctica if you want to experience more of the local wildlife, yet still catch the last remnants of the cold, dark winter that preceded spring earlier in the year.

By march, the chicks are quite large, and they start to fledge. Best time to visit antarctica. The courting season for antarctica's seabirds lasts from november to december, making this a good time for birders to visit.

Best time to visit antarctica; The best time to visit antarctica is between late october and late march, which are the southern hemisphere summer months. Wildlife action is inarguably at its prime in high expedition season, with super cute penguin chicks and seal cubs running around everywhere and an.

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